25 - 26 September 2017
Lublin Conference Center

Programme Council

The Programme Council is composed of experts, diplomats, and prominent activists. They represent mainly Ukraine, but they are members of the Centre for Eastern Competences and the City of Lublin as well.

With their years of experience, profound knowledge, and great competence they embody the intellectual core of the Congress selecting actual thematic areas, defining its theme, and creating a meeting place for specialists of different fields. The Council decides on the format of debates and sessions, as well as spreads the idea of long-term strategic management in various areas such as social innovation, culture, science and education, civil society, good governance, business, and sustainable development.

<h4>Paweł Prokop</h4><span>president of the Programme Council and Foundation of Managerial Initiatives</span>
Author of cross-border cooperation programmes (including those with partners from Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan).
Advisor to the Mayor of Lublin on cross-border cooperation and social participation. Head of the Programme Council of the Centre for Eastern Competences.
Auditor of Quality Management Systems. Trainer and consultant, specialist in the field of organizational coaching and development of strategies for public, non-governmental and commercial institutions.
<h4>Natalia Gmurkowska</h4><span>President of the Poland-East Cooperation Center, an expert of the European Centre for Innovation</span>
Co-author and producer of the international cooperation programs with a thematic scope: development of the society and civic participation, modern management methods in public administration, local media, cross-sectoral partnerships local and business.
Her research interests are associated with the Eastern Partnership countries. Co-author of scientific articles of the eastern topics in domestic and foreign publications.
Board Advisor of Lublin NGOs Forum, fundraiser / EFA international certificate, an expert rating Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy programs, Civic Initiatives Fund and Social Activation of the Elderly.
<h4>Ph.D. Łukasz Jasina</h4><span>Analyst in Polish Institute of International Affairs, historian, publicist, commentator</span>
Ph.D in Film Studies (Polish Academy of Sciences). Graduated from Law Studies, History and Journalist Studies at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Fellowship in Harvard Ukrainian Institute and Toronto Univesrity. He was Head of the Eastern branch and publicist in internet weekly "kultura Liberalna and assistant professor at John Paul Ii Catholic University of Lublin and Head of International Department in Polish History Museum. Łukasz Jasina is an author of few hundred publications.
<h4>Tomasz Małecki</h4><span>President of the Board of Lublin Science and Technology Park JSC</span>
MBA graduate of Kozmiński University in Warsaw and the University of Life Science in Lublin. Menotr and jury in startup contests such as Infoshare 2015 and 2016, and Wolves Summit. Manager of Innova-Invest VC – 20 investments amounting 10,2 mln PLN. Manager of acceleration projects: Startup Platform CONNECT, LbN#BiznesStart and Lublin Create, co-author of B+R Inno Brocker cooperation project and propagator of Lean Startup method.
<h4>Ph.D. Julita Agnieszka Rybczyńska </h4><span>Lawyer and political scientist</span>
Affiliated with Political Science Faculty of Marie Curie Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin since 1990ties she currently teaches as a lecturer within their International Relations Department. She also spent time as a research fellow and visiting professor in various higher education institutions in Europe and the US including Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University; Rutgers University; Nuffield College at Oxford University, and University of Reykjavik. Her research and writing focuses on institutional and legal aspects of democratic transformations, with the special focus on human rights, national minorities rights, local government, civic society and non-profit sector in Central and Eastern Europe. Author and editor of many academic publications.
Mrs. Rybczyńska combines research and teaching with policy and development work. She has worked as a consultant and expert with various local and national public policy bodies, non-profit organizations and intergovernmental organizations including Foundation in Support of Local Democracy (FRDL), Human Rights Helsinki Foundation, OSCE-ODHIR, US-Ukraine Foundation, Management Initiatives Foundation (FIM). She currently serves on the Board of Center for Eastern Competencies, think tank promoting effective and sustainable development cooperation and stimulating dialogue between local and regional authorities in the countries of EU and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
<h4>Ph.D. Oleksandr Sofiy</h4><span>Head of the analytical programme of NGO EuropeanDialogue</span>
Author of analytical studies in local government: The Institutions of Starostwo in Ukraine and Sołectwo in Poland: A Comparative Analysis; Executive Administration of Viable Communities: The Polish Experience; Analysis of Local Communities Support Policy as Part of Regional Development Policy in Lviv Region; Cross-border Cooperation of Lviv Region in the Context of Restructuring of State Regional Development Policy.
<h4>Krzysztof Stanowski</h4><span>former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland</span>
Co-founder and leader of non-governmental organizations. Author of training programmes and publications about civil education, activity of non-governmental organizations and development cooperation. During martial law, a member of the regional authorities of the underground Solidarność, a political prisoner. Co-founder of independent scouting in Poland, first leader of the Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland. Long-term President of the Education for Democracy Foundation and of Solidarity Fund PL. Co-founder of the Civic Committee for Solidarity with Ukraine. Member of the Steering Committee of the World Movement for Democracy (2000-2007) and authorities of the Zagranica Group. In the years 2007−2011, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of National Education and then Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Author of Development Cooperation Act.


Projekt "Lublin i Rzeszów – współpraca i wykorzystanie szans rozwojowych" współfinansowany przez Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego
w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Rozwój Polski Wschodniej

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